No Man’s Sky – Minecraft, in Space

No Man’s Sky has graced the top spot for being the PlayStation 4 game of the year, and it is literally Minecraft in space. The world is so vast that the entire game allows you to explore (if you can) 18 quintillion planets. In the game, you are a lone explorer with your very own spaceship, and you are only accompanied with a mining tool for resources, along with vast amounts of ambition. Don’t bother about the complexities of launch preparations and countdowns. All you have to do is to get into your star cruiser and go to perhaps where no man has gone before, well, at least while at the comforts of your own home.

No Man's Sky - Minecraft, in Space

No Man’s Sky Let’s Players Explore the Vast Regions of Space at the Comforts of Their Own Homes

Similar to Minecraft, there is no complex backstory to learn in No Man’s Sky, and there are even no lore to explore so that you can get more information about a particular planet. This is no space marine quest to save the galaxy from an evil alien threat, nor would you have to band together a space crew in order to go against an ancient evil living somewhere in deep space. All you have to do is explore and get to the center of the universe, well, that is if you get there.

Why? Because the world in No Man’s Sky (PS4) is so huge that playing the game for several will still get you nowhere near your ultimate goal. Perhaps even if you’ve been playing for a few days with several long gaming sessions, you will find that you are still nowhere near the center of the insanely vast universe. But that doesn’t mean that the game is a complete bore; you will find yourself spending time hopping from planet to planet to moon to planet, and so on. You would also stop every now and then at an interstellar trading post to exchange the materials you acquired for money.

Why do you need money in this game when you’re only going to explore? This is so that you can upgrade your ship so that you can explore the deeper reaches of the universe. Hence, the better your space craft, the better your chances of reaching the center of the universe.

But the real beauty of No Man’s Sky is the exploration part. When you visit a new alien planet, you will be able to scan new flora and fauna which will then be added to the game’s collective database. This database is being completed by the many players of the game. Hence, you might spend a few hours within one planet in trying to search everything about it before you proceed to the next area. The graphics are also something to behold. So if you want to take a break from all the fighting and shooting games out there, this is the title to pick up.


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