North Korea – Facebook Clone Surfaces Online But Deleted Soon After

It is uncommon for others to clone well-known brands and titles in an attempt to what could be an attempt to try and gain more followers and fans than the original; but what is rare is for North Korea, the country in East Asia where people don’t usually want to tread, has built its very own social media network that is practically nothing more than just a large rip-off than the social networking portal Facebook.

North Korea - Facebook Clone Surfaces Online But Deleted Soon After

North Korea Builds Facebook Clone But Deletes it Quickly

The news about the Facebook clone from North Korea came into light when researchers over at Dyn had stumbled across the website over at the World Wide Web, rather than on the country’s internal system called Kwangmyong. The website in question is called StarCon, and it is most likely developed by the nation’s telecoms service Star.

The design is strikingly like that of Facebook, and it can be known right off the bat that it is nothing more than a shameless rip-off than the giant social networking website. The site even promises to let those who sign up “share you memories, connect with others, make new friends.” Sounds familiar?

Of course, posting in the North Korean website, especially when sharing your memories and whatnot, would have to be officially approved by the state. Furthermore, the “others” that you would connect to within the website are not the people found in other places in the world, and the “new friends” that you would meet within the site are just the members that are living in the country that puts military as a main priority rather than its people.

There are also other features within the website that does pose quite a bit of surprise, well that is, if it were going to happen. These include automatically being “friends” with none other than Kim Jong-un himself. Furthermore, you are unable to unfriend him in the site, and your account would automatically “Like” his posts whenever he posts something new.

However, the aforementioned website from North Korea was quickly deleted soon after its discovery as netizens tried to get into more of what’s would be in-store for them if they were able to register for the Facebook clone. However, there were approximately 300 accounts that have been created on StarCon during the short existence that it had. The Westerners that were able to get into the website reported that they leapt at the chance from the get-go as they’ve created several fake pages for Kim the Great, as well as other parody accounts within the social media portal.


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