Nubia Z11 Review – Promising DSLR Quality Images

The Nubia Z11 tries to replace your DSLR with its advertised quality of the images that you can get with it. This is a very bold claim about the phone’s photography capabilities. To this day, most, if not all smartphones still could not match up to how a DSLR performs in giving better image quality. So how does this phone match up its advertisements? Read on.

Nubia Z11 Review - Promising DSLR Quality Images

The Nubia Z11 Aims to Let You do Away With Your DSLR

Before we get to the image quality of its photos, it should be noted that the Nubia Z11 comes in two variants: the standard edition and the special model. For the standard edition, which is also the cheaper of the two variants, you will be able to take advantage of 4GB of RAM. For the special model, which is also called the Black Gold Edition, it will have 6GB of RAM, and a heftier price tag.

No matter what variant you may choose, the Z11 features a 5.5-inch full HD display, 64GB of internal storage (expandable with the use of a microSD card), a Snapdragon 820 processor, a 16-megapixel rear camera, an 8-megapixel front camera, 3,000mAh battery, and it runs on the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system right out of the bat. For the user-interface, you will be using the company’s own Nubia UI4.0 Interface.

One good thing about this smartphone is that there are absolutely no bezels that are found, or rather lack thereof, on either side of the screen. Hence, this design choice make this rather large phone easier to hold with one hand. Furthermore, you have to admit that the bezel-less design is pretty cool.

Next up is the phone’s camera, and it does capture a pretty good level of detail, and it even has a very satisfactory low light performance. The camera is also able to load quickly, which means that you won’t be able to miss out on those perfect moments. However, the image quality is not on par as what the Samsung Galaxy S7 can do, therefore the DSLR-quality claim on its images is nothing but an advertisement coated with tons of sugar.

Even though the Nubia Z11 has bold claims in trying to replace your DSLR, you won’t be selling off your standalone camera anytime soon. Nevertheless, it is still a surprisingly accomplished handset. Still, the price for both models is a bit higher than the equally powered and styled OnePlus 3, but there are some neat features that do justify the bump in price.


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