NuForce HEM6 Review – Premium From Design to Price

When you have the cash to spend on a great pair of quality in-ear headphones, then perhaps you might want to check out the NuForce HEM6. It has the design, the sound quality, and of course, the price that would match your luxurious tastes. It has the audio quality that you would normally find in a god pair of over-ears, while not sacrificing said performance just because it has been made into a more compact package.

NuForce HEM6 Review - Premium From Design to Price

The NuForce HEM6 Has the Quality of Over-Ear Headphones Found in an In-Ear Package

Right out of the box, the NuForce HEM6 satisfyingly premium in just about every which way. It comes with an impressive number of accessories, which include the standard selection of three pairs of silicon earbuds with different sizes. There are also two sizes of memory foam earbuds included in the standarad packaging, and these are excellent in effectively blocking out background noise. However, these are less comfortable to wear than its silicone counterparts.

Aside from the selection of earbuds, you will also get two detachable cables included in the package. This is a great move since there are many who find these detachable cables to either easily break or be lost. One of these cables does include the basic in-line remote and mic setup, and the buttons found on said remote will allow you to pause and play your tracks. However, it does lack volume controls, which can be an annoyance.

The HEM6 has a premium price tag, which means that it won’t readily be available for everyone to purchase. It also comes with three drivers found in each earbud. This means that one driver will be optimized for bass response, another one for the treble, and the last one is for the mids. What this presents is a sound experience that is akin to a collection of speakers in a traditional hi-fi setup, only it has been placed inside a very compact and portable package.

Once you start playing your favorite tracks using the NuForce HEM6, the first thing that you will notice is how incredibly and beautifully tight the bass response is without it having to take over the entire audio spectrum. Across the other areas of the frequency range, the audio comes out warm and listenable, and it should be noted that tracks have none of the harshness found in some headphones. Clearly, these are the in-ear headphones to get for supreme sound performance. Well, that is if you don’t mind spending a lot for it.


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