Nutri Ninja BL480UK Review – Supreme Slicing Action

With a name like the Nutri Ninja BL480UK, you can be assured right off the bat that this kitchen appliance has heavy-duty action for your smoothies. Aside from being a dedicated smoothie maker, this machine comes with Auto-IQ, which is a pair of preset programs design to run through a series of pulses, pauses, and constant slicing-and-dicing for perfectly blended drinks. All of that can be done in one push of a button.

Nutri Ninja BL480UK Review - Supreme Slicing Action

The Nutri Ninja BL480UK Makes Smoothies so Much Easier to Make

For its size, you would have to clear quite a bit of space to accommodate the Nutri Ninja BL480UK properly. It is larger and bulkier as compared to other personal blenders in the market. It is also heavier as well. However, due to its heft, then you would be assured that it does feel quite durable. It has a bse that is finished in a no-nonsense silver and black color, and there is a touchpad interface on the front. There are four buttons that users can make use of, namely the Pulse, Start/Stop, Ultra Blend, and Blend. These surround a timer display that will count down as each program is inputted. The timer will show itself when using Pulse or the Start/Stop functionalities.

The packaging of the BL480UK comes with a book which contains 30 recipes. Also, there is a guidance within the instructions as to what would be the order of ingredients that will be added to the set’s cups for you to acquire the best results. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the suggested combinations all the time.

It has long blade that are quite tricky to fit them around, especially when you’re going to put in solid cubes of ice. While it does take quite a bit of fiddling around, it is by no means impossible. Even though the blender does promote supreme slicing power, it did fall short in delivering a really fine output. When grinding, slicing, and/or dicing certain food products, there are some chunks that will get left behind. If you’re not a fan of medium to large pieces of food to be placed in your smoothie, then this might put you off in purchasing this machine by a bit.

What the Nutri Ninja BL480UK really excels in is its design and convenience. Yes, it does take up a bit more kitchen countertop real-estate, but it is far easier to use than other blenders that tends to offer a lot of complexities.


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Nutri Ninja BL480UK Review – Supreme Slicing Action
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