Nuu Mobile X4 Review – Not Enough

The Nuu Mobile X4 comes at a bargain price and it does come with a neat selection of features. It is an unlocked Anrdoid smartphone and it does arrive into the mobile scene with a fancier frame than others, which does immediately sets it apart from its rival and equally budget-friendly competitors. However, reality does sink in when you start using its unappealing camera as you will get dull photos. Furthermore, it also comes with a lackluster sound system, and it does have the tendency to quickly rise in internal temperatures when in use. But on a more positive note, you will get an uncluttered version of the Android operating system, solid performance, and a really bright display.

Nuu Mobile X4 Review - Not Enough

The Nuu Mobile X4 Has a Camera That Could, and Should do Better

The Nuu Mobile X4 has a rather sleek and stylish look that you would not normally find in a budget-friendly model. It has an attractive zinc-magnesium alloy frame that does remind you of the more expensive handsets on the market, such as the HTC One M7. However, this sense of luxury can only be found at the front as it has a plastic back that is unapologetically cheap.

Using today’s smartphones, it is not unusual for them to get warm when you’re using them, especially when a bunch of apps are opened or when memory-eating applications are in use. However, the X4 really heats up. Once you install a few apps into it, the frame will get so hot that you might even joke that it can become a safety liability. Jokes aside,  this can prove to be a threat to the overall life of the phone.

This particular handset comes with a weight of 5.55-ounces, and this 5-inch model does arrive into the smartphone scene to be a bit heavier than most. It is, however, close to the weight of the Huawei Honor 5X.

The really pleasant aspect of this device is its bright and colorful screen. When you watch movies or video clips on its 5-inch display, you will be very impressed by how the colors seemingly pop out of the device. While truly captivating, there’s that rise in temperature that you always need to be aware of just to save the life of the device.

While there are a bunch of things that can be praised about the Nuu Mobile X4, such as the beautiful design, the bright and colorful display, and the affordable price, the camera performance and the rise in internal temperature ultimately weighs this device down into what could otherwise be one of the best budget-friendly handsets in today’s market.


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