oBravo’s EAMT-1 In-ear Review – The World’s Most Expensive Earphones

The oBravo’s EAMT-1 In-ear headphones are dubbed as the “world’s most expensive,” which is a tall claim. However, even if it might not take the top spot as the world’s most expensive pair of headphones, checking out the price tag can still throw some people off, and for those who actually want to purchase this, then be prepared to break the bank. So the question now is, does it live up to expectations, especially with its immense price tag?

oBravo's EAMT-1 In-ear Review - The World's Most Expensive Earphones

Save Your Money Other Than Purchasing the oBravo’s EAMT-1 In-ear

To give you the idea as to how the oBravo’s EAMT-1 In-ear works, here is a description explained by Audio Sanctuary: “The AMT diaphragm is made of a Mylar ribbon bonded with conductive aluminium strips. It is equivalent in surface area to a conventional seven-inch cone-type mid-range driver, but is accordion-folded down to a compact one-and-a-half-inch grouping for point-source dispersion. The low-mass diaphragm is suspended within a dipole magnetic field concentrating an intense field around said diaphragm. When signal current passes through the aluminium strips, the ensuing bellow-like motion of the folded pleats moves air five times faster than with a conventional cone driver.”

If you’re confused as to what you’ve just read, then take note that you’re not alone. There are a lot of technical jargon thrown into that explanation that even many audiophiles wouldn’t be able to understand. However, it does mean that an 8-millimeter AMT tweeter is paired with a 13-millimeter neodymium dynamic driver, and these are the parts where your cash is mostly headed. The build quality is reasonable enough, although you might still wonder why the large heft in its price tag when you’re just looking at its design.

This is, perhaps, because of the materials chosen for the creation of the oBravo’s EAMT-1. From the smooth metal, to the rich, dark wood of the back plates, and towards the classily wrapped cables, each of these elements are just oozing with a premium look and feel.

However, the performance level of the oBravo’s EAMT-1 In-ear varies depending on which device you plug it into. Plug it into a computer or a laptop wherein you have better control of your audio, and you will be brought with the richness of the guitars, drums, vocals, and other parts of the track. However, if you’re the type to choose headphones because you’re an “on-the-go” type of person, playing ordinary mp3 files with it using a smartphone will make the audio sound muddy, distant, and ill-defined. Because of this kind of inconsistency, it might be better off to just save your precious cash for another model that might be worth your time and money.


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oBravo’s EAMT-1 In-ear Review – The World’s Most Expensive Earphones
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