OnePlus 3T Review – The Best in the Midrange Market

It is indeed a great year for technology, and even though the year might be nearing its end, it doesn’t mean that technological marvels are no longer going to show; as such enter the OnePlus 3T, which is perhaps that best midprice phone to-date. Albeit pricier than the OnePlus 3, this newer model comes with a battery life that lasts a whole lot longer. Furthermore, it even comes with a great front-facing camera, which is perfect for all those selfies. It even comes into the market with a 128GB built-in memory option. If you plan on purchasing this particular handset, or already own it, then it might be quite a while before you decide to upgrade.

OnePlus 3T Review - The Best in the Midrange Market

The OnePlus 3T Takes Great Selfies

Looking back at the OnePlus 3, it was a fast phone, but now the OnePlus 3T takes that speed one step further. In fact, its speeds make the newer model on par with the likes of Google Pixel, in which Google’s smartphone is even placed at a higher price category. This is because it now makes use of the Snapdragon 821 processor, which is a beast when it comes to mobile processing power.

This might all be good to read on paper, but what is it like when it comes to real world use? It’s like this – tap on the camera app icon and it will immediately open up. Furthermore, once the camera application opens up properly (which is a really short while), you can snap a photo within a mere second after. Aside from using the smartphone’s camera, browsing a webpage, as well as navigating the various facets of the software embedded into the 3T, is met without any lag.

Using the keyboard is just as quick, and if you’re a mobile power user and plan on downloading a ton of apps (which would ultimately fill up the phone’s storage), then there’s also the option to get a higher-tiered model with 128GB of internal storage space.

As mentioned earlier, the OnePlus 3T comes with a larger battery than its predecessor. This time around, it carries a battery pack of 3,400mAh, as compared to the 3’s 3,000mAh. Hence, it will last longer, and it is even rated to last approximately 17-hours with continuous use. So if you’re a casual user, it might even last 2-days before needing to recharge it once again. In truth, there is very little to say about this smartphone when it comes to negatives. Just about everything about it is really that good, and at the right price.


Where to buy OnePlus 3T?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this OnePlus 3T online.

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OnePlus 3T Review – The Best in the Midrange Market
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