Onkyo H500 Review – Has the Spark of Being Great

What are the Onkyo H500? It is a pair of on-ear headphones, and they are quite small and portable. It dons a similar size as that of the Beats Solo 2, but its design is for a more “grown-up” style. It is placed in a price point that will certainly please a lot of crowds. However, its overall appeal falls short because of a lack of mid-range goodness as well as a non-folding frame.

Onkyo H500 Review - Has the Spark of Being Great

While Portable, You Cannot Fold the Onkyo H500

To-date, the Onkyo H500 are the most accessible pair of headphones from the company. Onkyo is best known for creating home-cinema technologies, but they have already entered the headphone market many years back. These headphones are the kind that you wouldn’t mind wearing on the street when you’re on your way to work or school.

While these are on-ear headphones, the H500 will sit on your ear instead of around them. This design choice makes for less space than a full-sized pair, which does give points to its portability. However, these are still not as tiny as compared to the Philips Fidelio F1. Nevertheless, they do create a sensible look with some hints of premium design.

The cups are delightfully finished in metal rather than plastic, which is great considering that its price tag is not placed within the higher-ends of the market. They even offer a neat, eye-catching look whenever they catch light.

As for the headband and the ear pads, they are finished in leather. However, it’s the synthetic stuff; but thankfully, it does not look nor feel cheap. But as on-ear headphones, it comes to no surprise that this particular pair does not give optimal comfort levels, especially for people wearing glasses.

The fit, on the other hand, has been considered quite carefully as they do have to be worn the right way around else they will eventually fall off your head. When you take a look at its little metal stems that connect the headbands to the earcups, you will find that they are not attached at the center as they are slightly off. While they do offer a distinctive look, they don’t offer any other advantages.

As for its sound performance, the Onkyo H500 has bass levels that are better controlled as compared to the Beats Solo 2. This means that you do get fun, full audio without having to listening to nothing but bass. However, this also means that mid-range performance takes a slide.


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