Oppo F1 Plus Review – Ticks the Right Boxes for the Basics

If someone asks you what it’s like to use the Oppo F1 Plus, your best answer would probably be that it’s very normal to use. This is a phone that is made by a manufacturer which is known for the release of the Oppo N3. The N3, on the other hand, has an irritating rotating camera. Therefore, with that in mind, being normal isn’t actually a bad thing.

Oppo F1 Plus Review – Ticks the Right Boxes for the Basics

The Oppo F1 Plus is a Most Normal Phone You Can Use

While still being normal, the Oppo F1 Plus does tick all the right boxes in terms of letting users utilize the basics of having a handset. It does have some above average benefits, such as the feel of the device to imitate that of a more premium quality smartphone. Furthermore, it does come with a decent camera, as well as a screen that allows you to easily watch video clips and films. However, while it does offer the right stuff for the basics, it does disappoint if you try and bring out its full potential, especially when it comes to mobile gaming.

The F1 Plus is one of the larger phones in the market, but it’s not classified as a phablet. It has a 5.5-inch display, which means that the manufacturer planned the device to not be small in the first place. While it is quite large to be used with just one hand, it promotes elegance and a high-class feel. It even takes notes from the design perspectives of some of its rivals, such as that of the more recent iPhones. This handset from Oppo has an aluminum shell, a one-piece casing that curves along the sides, as well as a bevel where it meets the glass of the display.

Even though the display is quite large, it only sports a more conservative 1080p for its resolution. You will notice that Oppo did cut some corners with regards to the display, especially when you’re viewing from approximately 15-centimeters away. Nevertheless, images do remain sharp.

This Oppo F1 Plus has a general overall good performance. Taking and making calls, opening apps, and even taking pictures with its camera all promote a pretty decent experience. However, once you start playing games, especially graphic intensive ones, then things will start to show its cheaper side. Simply put, the device has a very tough timing rendering graphics that it might put some games to a crawl. Therefore, you might just want to use this particular handset for browsing the web, posting on social media, and the traditional texting and calling.


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Oppo F1 Plus Review – Ticks the Right Boxes for the Basics
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