Oppo Sonica Review – Small But Powerful

Oppo is no stranger for providing the public with audio listening devices, but this time they’ve turned to multi-room speaker setups; case on point, the Oppo Sonica. This speaker is made by the same man behind the Oppo PM-1 and PM-3 planar headphones, and that man is Igor Levitsky. With the money that you have to shell out for it, you will be able to get all the features that you can expect, aside from some exceptions.

Oppo Sonica Review - Small But Powerful

The Oppo Sonica Might Not be Prime Users of Spotify, at Least Not Yet

Taking the Oppo Sonica out from its standard packaging, you will be able to see a design that it’s not doing much to separate itself from the crowd. In fact, its looks might even remind you of some similar wireless speakers on the market, such as the Denon, Cambridge Audio, and a whole bunch of others. However, don’t stop at its looks alone because the speaker does have a premium feel. There are smooth cuts of matte plastic found along the body, along with silver accents that gracefully matches the logo. Furthermore, the build quality is pretty top-notch as well as holding the speaker will allow you to experience a very solid feel.

In terms of hardware, it is no surprise that the Sonica is loaded in this department. Its set of hardware includes a powerful collection of drivers despite its diminutive nature. It has dual 2.5-inch full-range drivers, and each of those are pushed by a 10-watt custom amplifier. As for the woofer, it draws out the required power from dual 15-watt amplifiers that are placed in a bridged configuration.

One major caveat stands from this speaker from being a great best-seller, and that is its very short list of streaming services that are supported. Furthermore, one great omission from its supported streaming services is Spotify. This is one thing that many speakers already take in importance, so it is questionable why Sonos did not include the most popular on-demand music streaming service on the planet in its speaker.

However, even if you’re not into music streaming services, the Oppo Sonica does get a lot of things in the right. It gets major points for its potent yet musical bass response. This makes the speaker seem like it has more power than what it looks like (which is a small speaker). So if you don’t mind the lack of Spotify support (at least, at the time of writing), then you can still make plenty of use of this speaker for other purposes.


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