Optoma HD27 Review – Bang for Your Buck Projector

If you were thinking about having to set aside a large budget just to get a very decent projector, then perhaps you might have not been able to have seen the performance of the Optoma HD27 just yet. This particular single-chip DLP projector is a compact beamer that can easily be mistaken for a device that is located within the mid-range portions of the market. However, it is happily placed in a budget-friendly price point, and the performance is more than decent enough to entice many.

Optoma HD27 Review - Bang for Your Buck Projector

The Optoma HD27 is a Low-Budget Projector With Above Average Performance

If you say that the Optoma HD27 is lightweight then that might be an understatement. Compared to the big, bulky projectors of many, this particular beamer only weighs a mere 2.5-kilograms. Furthermore, it only measures a compact 298 x 230 x 96.5-millimeters for its dimensions. Hence, it is small enough to be stored inside a cupboard when it’s not in use.

Its design is presentable enough, and it is pretty much okay considering that it is a low-end unit. It has a glossy white chassis that is heavily ventilated. There is also a keypad found at its top that will allow you to take full control of the device. The standard packaging also comes with a small backlight IR zapper that pretty much does everything you would ever need in controlling the HD27.

As for its connections, you will be able to get two v1.4a HDMI inputs, one of those will support MHL smartphone hook-up. Aside from the HDMI ports, there is also a USB port that is mainly used for device charging. However, the USB port does not support media playback. Should you want to mount the beamer on the ceiling, there is a 12-volt trigger to control an electric screen. The projector also has a wireless HDMI streamer, should cable runs become too much of a problem for you.

Since the projector comes heavily vented, it does come with a cost and that is the fan noise can be quite high. You can keep the noise down by turning the lamp into the Eco setting to keep the fan from going full turbo.

In terms of picture performance, the Optoma HD27 is a solid choice in this regard. The brightness level is rated at 3,200-lumens, which means that you don’t have to turn off every light inside the room to enjoy the images being displayed. But the problem is that the pictures don’t have inky blacks, but this might be a cause of cutting corners since the beamer is found within the low-budget category. Nevertheless, for those who are looking for a budget-friendly projector, you might want to take a look at this unit.


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