Orison – Ease of Installation

Orison comes from the idea of conserving more energy for our homes, but using up electricity so much can cause harm to our environment, and not to mention our wallets. There are conventional resources that are more natural than the traditional source of power, but purchasing things such as large solar panels do tend to be too large for a home, and to power these panel you would need to rely heavily on the sun, which can tend to be intermittent at times. There might even be times wherein large amounts of intermittent energy could not accommodate your energy needs. With this model, which is dubbed as the First Home Battery System, it is able to store more electricity when utility rates are low so that you can power homes, and even businesses, when rates shoot up.

Orison - Ease of Installation

Orison Gives You More Reason to Save up on Power

Orison, to put it simply, is a battery for your home or business. Whether you get your power from a grid, a solar array, or some other source, you will be able to control when to store the power, and when you can use it. Furthermore, the device is smart enough that you won’t have to keep an eye on it at all times for when it will store energy because it will automatically do it for you. And when the energy rates are high, you can then opt to choose to use the power that has been stored in the Home Battery System so you can up on energy costs.

The Orison Home Battery System is even advertised as a better option for home and business owners who do heavily rely on solar energy. This is because when you’re home or business is harnessing energy from the sun’s rays, you’re practically producing zero energy at night. The energy gathered might not even enough during the peak hours in the morning and in the afternoon, especially when the sun’s not out. With the use of this battery system, you can store more energy to which you can use at night, or when you need more power for your everyday needs.

Each Orison unit is then linked to the Orison Cloud, which means that the system is deemed to be smart and fully-networked. Because it is connected to a network, it will gather data to read on utility rates, weather, peak demand charges, usage profile, and so much more. You can then be able to see all these information through an accompanying app.


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