OtterBox Universe Case System – Turn You iPhone Into a Multi-Purpose Tool

There are numerous iPhone cases out on the market, but perhaps none is more unique than that of the OtterBox Universe Case System. While other iPhone cases are based on fashion statements, this one from OtterBox allows users to change their smartphone into a multi-purpose tool. The entire system has various accessory modules will attach to the popular handset through the protective case.

OtterBox Universe Case System - Turn You iPhone Into a Multi-Purpose Tool

The OtterBox Universe Case System Will Turn Your iPhone Into a Tool

So how does the OtterBox Universe Case System work? First of all, know that OtterBox is known for creating various kinds of smartphone cases. This particular one is made for the famoues Apple handset, more specifically that of the iPhone 6s. OtterBox had then partnered itself with other companies to give iPhone users more experiences than what the regular iPhone can offer. With this new case, it will even offer support for Square payments to even make it an Wi-Fi booster.

The case only comes in two color variants: white and black. Hence, if you’re looking for a fashionable approach for your iPhone, then the Universe Case System isn’t at the top of your list. It looks like a more slimmed-down Commuter Series model which has been popular for smartphone users. For the case’s back, it offers a removable slot for all the supported modules that you can slide in. While a bit tough to remove, as it requires a firm pull to get the slot off of the case, do note that this is because of the unit’s supreme durability. Which means it does give the otherwise vulnerable smartphone a much needed durability boost.

So what’s on offer for this case? As mentioned earlier, you will be able to get new kinds of experiences with this special iPhone case. For instance, you will be able to extend the smartphone’s battery life with the PolarPro PowerPacl Removable Battery Pack slid into the case’s removable slot. You can even expand its storage with the use of the SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive, which is mighty useful considering the iPhone does not have the option of having an expandable memory. And for those iPhone photographers out there that want a more stable shot, you can make use of the case and the PolarPro Stance Tripod.

There are a bunch of other things on offer that can be used with the OtterBox Universe Case System for the iPhone. In fact, if you want to make it into a full-on wireless mobile speaker, you can most definitely can. Otherwise, you can also use the case to protect the phone from bumps and the occasional accidental slips from trying to hold the device.


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