Overwatch – Ana Now Available. Comes With Balance Changes.

Ana is the first hero in the popular shooter/arena title that is Overwatch to be added into the original roster since the official launch of the game back in May. She is a medic sniper, and as her classification, she can heal allies or damage foes with her Biotic Rifle. With her addition, she brings the total number of usable characters in the game to 22. Along with the addition of Ana, the update also brings balance changes to the game.

Overwatch - Ana Now Available. Comes With Balance Changes.

Ana Amari Can Now be Used in Overwatch

The balance changes brought about by the Overwatch update allows other characters to see more of the limelight, such as D.Va and Zenyatta. There are also some major changes towards Competitive Play, which includes the introduction of a hero limit. With the hero limit, it prevents teams from making use of duplicate heroes. So if you’ve enjoyed using a whole team of Tracers before, then you won’t be able to do that anymore.

With her “toy,” Overwatch’s Ana Amari represents an exciting addition to an already enjoyable character roster. She expands the support lineup of the game as she joins the likes of Mercy in assisting their teammates in gaining the upper hand in matches. However, before you “jump the gun” (excuse the pun) with Ana, make sure to know that this new medic has an “insanely high skill cap, potentially even the highest in the game,” according to Cloud9’s support Greg “Grego” McAllen. Therefore, even though it can be easy to just select her whenever you can, do note that it will most likely take a bit of a learning curve before you can become proficient in using her.

Moving forward, the addition of the new hero limit Overwatch is made for Competitive Play, and the game also brings the Overtime mechanic to receive two major changes that are aimed at limiting the annoyance that is stalling. After 20-seconds that have passed since Overtime, the Overtime timer will then tick down at a faster rate. This will give attackers less window to refresh it. Additionally, while in Overtime, respawns times have been increased by two seconds. Therefore, instead of just going in there with guns blazing, you would have to make sure to get the right timing for the right kill to have more impact towards winning the game. The patch also comes with balance changes and small adjustments to several characters.


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