Overwatch – Eichenwalde Brings a New Kind of Difficulty

Eichenwalde, which is the new map of the popular hit of a game that is Overwatch, can now be enjoyed, but only for those who are on the game’s public test server. Well, that is at the time of writing as the new map will be enjoyed by all players coming soon. The aforementioned map is set in a village that is right next to a large and old German castle. However, despite its majestic architecture, the entire map is actually smaller than it looks, and with it brings a fresh kind of difficulty towards players. Simply speaking, this new “arena” is easy to defend, but difficult to attack.

Overwatch - Eichenwalde Brings a New Kind of Difficulty

Overwatch’s New Echenwalde Map Brings New Challenges to Players

In the new Overwatch map, it favors defenders more than attackers. Therefore, if you main a character such as Tracer or Reaper, then you might have some difficulty here. In fact, the map favors defenders a bit too much. For just about every main path there will be a side path. Furthermore, that side path is going to counter off with another side path. Hence, flanking can be very much apparent here.

If it would be your first time in Eichenwalde, it will unfold as an alternating series of narrow corridors. These paths then branch out into disheveled houses and establishments. There are also wide open spaces, but they are pretty scarce as compared to other Overwatch maps. Here, the open spaces also happen to be payload points. Hence, it would not be a surprise if there are quite a bit of instant-deaths as snipers such as Widowmaker will be lying in wait to subdue opponents here. As such, it is a wise idea to go at these payload points carefully rather than rushing to get in there.

Speaking of these wide open spaces, these are still relatively enclosed spaces within Eichenwalde. There are flanking paths, and most certainly points wherein snipers can lie and wait. Hence, the payload points have an “Enter at Your Own Risk” type of vibe in them.

The new map of Overwatch brings about a different kind of challenge towards players. While other maps is all about “who can kill the most before the match ends,” in Eichenwalde, it makes players want to think more about their actions, rather than starting and ending the match with guns blazing. This map is basically a tactician’s dream as it riddled with cracks and crevices.


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