Overwatch – High Bandwidth Update is Now Live for PC

Overwatch has just rolled out their “high bandwidth” update for the PC version of the game. But what’s it all about? The patch promises higher quality of online play as it is able to accommodate more players with weaker Internet connections. The announcement for the release of the update also comes with a video in which the game’s lead engineer, Tim Ford, as well as senior engineer Philip Orwig, detailed the changes that happens when the game is updated and what it means for the entire community of the now famous title.

Overwatch - High Bandwidth Update is Now Live for PC

Overwatch’s High Bandwidth Update Presents a Better Way for Weaker Connections to Stay in the Game

In the video that highlights the changes that happened in Overwatch, it is mostly a highly technical discussion. To keep things short, it basically means that PC users will be able to see the game run more smoothly, and it also comes with some surprises that are attributable to netcode. As mentioned earlier, this update is only available for the PC version of the game, which means those who are playing the title in PS4 and Xbox One version of the game would have to wait longer. Orwig said the following in the video: “We’re still investigating how to roll this out on console.” Furthermore, it is also reported that this update is available only to most regions were the game is available to play, and not all.

As what Ford explains within the video, the Overwatch update sharply reduces an element called interpolation delay. This is basically the server trying to predict wherein one player would be going, as well as how fast it can render that on other players’ clients. This would ensure a smoother experience for practically anyone playing the game. For those players with a cleaner connection, the new netcode will be able to cut the delay by more than half, promising an even better gaming performance.

As for those that have less-than-satisfactory connections, they may still be able to play. It’s just that these players will be moved into a lower-bandwidth grouping, automatically. This way, it keeps them in the game while letting others experience smooth and enjoyable performance, instead of complaining the chat area that people are lagging up the game.

Ford stated the following as he explains what the high bandwidth patch in Overwatch does for those who are playing with up-to-standard Internet connectivity: “The net result is you will be shot around corners less, you’ll be able to predict escape moves better and the server will hear about it sooner.”


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Overwatch – High Bandwidth Update is Now Live for PC
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