Overwatch – Meet the Healing Sniper, Ana

There are a bunch of heroes (and villains) available for play in Blizzard’s hit of a game, Overwatch. However, the roster has now grown as the videogame adds one more character into the mix – Ana. And do take note that she’s Pharah’s mom. The new hero is now available to be chosen as a playable character on the game’s public test servers.

Overwatch - Meet the Healing Sniper, Ana

With Ana, Mother Knows Best in Overwatch

When you get the chance to play as Ana in Overwatch, you will immediately know that she is a sniper, well, primarily because of the gun she’s carrying around. But she is not the likes of Widowmaker as she is a support sniper. The basic idea here is that whenever a sniper shoots someone on the head, well, they die. But with Pharah’s mom, if she shoots her allies with her gun, they get healed.

So how does Ana compare to Mercy, which is Overwatch’s other healer? For Mercy, she can only heal others within her line-of-sight, and that’s basically her allies that are almost directly in front of her. She can also do damage, albeit on the tiny side, to her opponents. But with Ana, she is able to do both but in a farther range.

Ana can pop off shots to hit teammate and they get healed. But if you target enemies instead, they get damaged. She also has a grenade that also produces a similar outcome. If the grenade hits an ally, they get hit with a buff and heal them as well. But if the grenade hit enemies, then they have a temporary block wherein they cannot be healed. Ana also has a sleep dart, which is fairly obvious as to what it can do.

But don’t forget about Ana’s ultimate skill, in which she will turbo charge an ally of your choice. The skill, called Nano Boost, allows them to move faster, take less damage, and while being able to dish out more to enemies.

Aside from these, the new Overwatch character has other little things that make her an absolute joy to play with. First of all, her grenade also doubles as a very effective self-heal. Therefore, if throw it at the ground near you, you will get a solid chunk of your health back. If you’re not playing on the game’s public test server, then you might have to wait for a bit before Ana becomes playable.


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