Overwatch – Now Has Over 100 People Working on the Game

Overwatch has now become so much more than just being called a hit, as Blizzard’s core team for the development of the game is now roughly the same size as the number of employees found in Valve. For those who are wondering how many people are now working on the game at the time of writing, then you’re not alone. Luckily, Battle.net user Lackofname also had the same inquiry, and so they asked. Game director Jeff Kaplen then answered, and did he answer well.

Overwatch - Now Has Over 100 People Working on the Game

Overwatch Development Team About the Same Size as the Entirety of Valve

“The Overwatch Team (internally at Blizzard we are called ‘Team 4’) is comprised of about 100 developers at this point. The disciplines who comprise the team are Audio, Art, Engineering, Production, and Design,” Kaplan wrote in his reply. “We also have two full-time Business Operations people and an esports director who are part of the team.”

Back in the early days of the development of Blizzard’s Overwatch, the team was actually quite smaller than it was now. It fluctuated between about 40 and 75-members within the team. However, when the game went live, the audio team, which were people who had previously been a “shared, central resource, went into the game’s development team full-time. Going with the game’s audio team is that of the automation group, in which Kaplan credited for the game’s smooth launch.

The audio and automation teams are not the only people that have been brought into the game’s core staff, as there are also the “embedded” QA and Community teams, and the Blizzard animation team which was responsible for those animated shorts. Speaking of the team who created those animated shorts, they are actually part of a larger Story and Franchise Development group that creates things such as comics and gameplay videogames.

It doesn’t stop there as the licensing group should also be noted as they come up with all the products that are available on the Blizzard store, and the legal team should also be credited as they ensure that certain things such as the Hollywood sign found in an area of one map within the game is fair and legal to use.

There are other groups that are working on Overwatch to make sure that it continues to be a fun and fair videogame for all to enjoy. “But at its core, it’s about 100 gals and guys trying to make cool stuff that makes you guys happy,” Kaplan concluded his message.


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