Overwatch Review – Unending Surprises

When Overwatch was teased to the world, through the use of a short cinematic clip that you would immediately mistake it for something Disney or Pixar would have made, the gaming community was abuzz with speculations as to what the title would play like. Blizzard certainly put their thinking caps on as they’ve developed a videogame that is something of a cross between first-person shooter and multiplayer online battle arena. And the good news is that it is an absolute hit.

Overwatch Review - Unending Surprises

Overwatch is a Game About Assessing and Reacting, in Perhaps a Split Second

When you head on to YouTube and search about Overwatch, the search results will be heavily dominated by kill montage video clips. This is because at the end of each match, the game will highlight a certain character from either team that the game considers to be the “Play of the Game.”

This is a game about assessing and reacting, and you need to do these in perhaps a split second before things start raining down upon you. If you wait too long before you can react, then you might be at the receiving end of bullets, the sharp-edge of a sword, an arrow, shurikens, missiles, a hammer, and even an exploding tire.

Within Blizzard’s Overwatch, there is a mode called Payload, wherein attackers need to escort a loaded flatbed while the defenders are trying to stop them. The game has a nice long list of characters to choose from, each with its own sets of primary, secondary, and ultimate weapons or attacks. Choosing a character is unlike anything Counter Strike, Halo, or Quake has to offer, as these games have practically one thing in mind -survive.

But in Blizzard’s gem of a game, choosing a character depends on what role he/she/it can do. For instance, if you want to play the role of support, then you can choose Mercy, who can heal and even resurrect her fallen comrades. If you want to become the big, heavy tank with an enormous shield to protect your teammates, then there’s Reinhardt. But if you want to go into the action with guns blazing, then you can choose Reaper, McCree, or Agent 47.

Even though Overwatch is practically simple at heart as you would go into matches, play a game, fulfill objectives, then the game ends, then you have to start a new match, and the process repeats all over again, it is full of inventiveness and varied action. This is the type of game that can drag you along into the wee hours of the morning.


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