Owlet Baby Monitor Review – List of Features Fall Short

The Owlet Baby Monitor is about to redefine the notion that baby monitors have to be a set of old walkie-talkie-type devices. This is a two-part unit, and the package includes a small bootie that will fit into your child’s foot. The other part is a base unit that will sit right next to your bed. When these two items communicate with each other, it will monitor senses of abnormal oxygen levels for your child. Furthermore, it can also track the heart rate of your baby. When it senses something is wrong, then the base station will appropriately set off an alarm.

Owlet Baby Monitor Review - List of Features Fall Short

The Owlet Baby Monitor Needs to Offer More to Justify its Price Tag

While the Owlet Baby Monitor is a grand idea as it does make monitoring your child to now be a part of modern-day technology, the two-part device is hard to recommend to everyone. The simple reason is that it does have quite a high price tag. Now its price point would have been justifiable if it is jam-packed with functional features, but the problem is it’s not. Furthermore, it does not offer enough to replace the more traditional walkie-talkie-type baby monitors that are still dominating the market to this day.

Still, its components are made to be durable and they are well designed. The socks are comfortable for your baby and should not hinder them from accruing a good night’s sleep. While still on the socks, and as mentioned earlier, they do measure your child’s heart rate and oxygen levels. It does these things with the use pulse oximetry, which is a technology being used in many hospitals.

The idea of utilizing such a technology for the Owlet Monitor is a grand idea. The plug-in base means that the bootie recharges rather than having to replace the batteries from time and time again. Furthermore, having a separate piece for the alarms mean that you can keep your smartphone on silent mode for the night. Hence, the only time that your sleep patterns will be disturbed is when there is something amiss with regards to your child.

While the Owlet Baby Monitor can monitor your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, shouldn’t there be more? Especially when you have to pay for a hefty sum of money to get the two-part device. It doesn’t even include alerts if your child will flip into its stomach, and you can’t really tell if the baby has woken up and is already crying unless you DO hear them bawling.


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Owlet Baby Monitor Review – List of Features Fall Short
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