Panasonic SC-ALL05 Review – Making a Splash Into the Scene

When you want a wireless speaker that you can take inside the bathroom while you soak inside a relaxing bath and without fear of the device getting busted because of it getting wet, then you might want to check out the Panasonic SC-ALL05. It is a portable waterproof speaker that will let you bring your favorite tunes to life, even those wherein rooms have a combination of water and electricity that might pose a threat to any other device in the house (or your personal safety). The speaker is equipped with different wireless technologies, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even Qualcomm AllPlay multi-room functionality.

Panasonic SC-ALL05 Review - Making a Splash Into the Scene

You Can Bring the Panasonic SC-ALL05 Inside Your Bathroom Without Much Worry

The Panasonic SC-ALL05 is an eye-catching wireless speaker. The overall design is elegant and you won’t worry about finding a place for it inside your bedroom, living room, or even your bathroom because of its small footprint. It has compact measurements of 170-millimeters wide and 77-millimeters in depth. You can perch it up on a kitchen shelf without having to move a lot of stuff around, or hidden behind your shampoos on a shelf inside your bathroom.

Your eyes might immediately draw itself upon the slanted top panel due to its shiny chrome trim on the SC-ALL05. While this element is a real fingerprint magnet, it does look pretty nice. This area also contains a row of backlit touch capacitive volume and playback controls. Aside from these touch-sensitive buttons, there are also six numbered presets that do provide easy access towards the AllPlay Radio stations. There is also a Voice button wherein it gives a boost to speech frequencies whenever you play your tracks inside noisy rooms.

As for the audio performance on the Panasonic SC-ALL05, it does offer a solid, cohesive sound while delivering a decent amount of clarity with punchy bass in the mix. Even though the power of your tunes might be lower as compared to the performance of other speakers, volume levels are still decently loud. Going back to the bass performance, it is also surprising to note that it delivers a bit more kick as compared to many, despite its rather diminutive size. However, the sound deliverance, most particularly that of its quality, won’t let you write anything astounding about it to home. Still, this wireless speaker has an IPX5/7 waterproofing that allows you to bring it inside your bathroom or to the side of the pool, and you can’t go wrong with its long battery life either.


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