Pantelligent Review – Delivering the Goods

If you think that digital technology won’t invade your kitchen any time soon, then you might not have known about the Pantelligent. Just like many other home-connected gadgets out on the market, this skillet makes use of low-power Bluetooth that will link with a companion mobile app (which can be downloaded on either an Android or iOS device). The app will then take advantage of the pan’s built-in heat sensors that will advise you when to raise or lower the heat, when to stir, flip, or add more ingredients into the mix. You might even enhance your cooking skills with this particular kitchen companion.

Pantelligent Review - Delivering the Goods

The Pantelligent Aims to Let You Cook Better

So who needs the Pantelligent? It is for beginners and veteran cooks alike; however, do take note that the price tag won’t make it immediately accessible for just about anyone who wants it because it will burn a hole in your wallet. Nonetheless, what you will get is a sturdy, 12-inch, non-stick skillet with a lot of smarts.

Speaking of smarts, even when you try it out with several recipes, both from the app itself or from your own cookbook, you will be impressed by how the skillet and the Pantelligent app performs. While there might be some experienced chefs might look at it as something that might hinder their cooking prowess, this will still be considered a boon for beginner cooks, or at least for anyone who is willing to do a bit of experimentation without having to worry about burning whatever it is you’re preparing.

Another great thing about this smart skillet is that it is very easy to set it all up. All you have to do is install the free mobile application, make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on for both devices, and let your mobile device approach the pan. The two devices will immediately pair with each other. After that, just pick from the list of recipes (which are categorized by difficulty). Just follow the instructions being told by the app, then tap the Start Cooking! button to begin.

But if there is one gripe that the Pantelligent has, it is that the recipes found in the app are mostly for single servings. There are some recipes that are for two servings, but there is practically none for large groups. Therefore, it limits the use of the skillet if you want to have a dinner party, unless you have a recipe of your own.


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Pantelligent Review – Delivering the Goods
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