Papa John’s – Out to Out-Cyber the Competition With New App

Even though the race to become the most futuristic pizza company to-date has been dominated by Domino’s for a considerable amount of time, it doesn’t mean that it is not met with much competition, and Papa John’s is now looking to oust the crown from its rival’s head. First off, a look back at what the great minds of Domino’s had done. There was a time when people longed to just send a tweet just to order pizza, or that a pizza would collaborate with a certain Japanese virtual pop-star Hatsune Miku, or that a pizza company would be able to track your daily lifestyle so that you can easily order a pie whenever and wherever you may be. Thanks to the pizza company’s brilliant minds and its marketing team, these have become an absolute reality, and even more. So, what can Domino’s’ rivals do to combat this overwhelming success?

Papa John's - Out to Out-Cyber the Competition With New App

Papa John’s Aims to Out Tech Domino’s

Papa John’s is not about to take things sitting down, as they’ve pulled their own great minds into the creation of a new Apple TV application. The pizza company chose Apple TV to be the exclusive platform for their new application “because of its commitment to innovation and customer experience,” as well as it brings “people together to enjoy their favorite TV and quality pizza choice.”

There is an official press release that emphasize this is not the first time that Papa John’s Pizza to claim that they are the best, quickest, and even the most futuristic. In the publishing, it says: “the brand was the first national pizza chain with digital ordering at all of its U.S. delivery restaurants in 2001. It was also the first national pizza brand to offer system wide mobile ordering with SMS text in 2007, the first to launch a nationwide digital rewards program in 2010, Papa Rewards, and the first to offer gift cards that can be used on mobile devices.”

There are a bunch of features to take advantage of for the new Apple TV app by Papa John’s. For instance, it has the “conversational group order,” wherein it has the ability to talk out pizza flavor suggestions to let the people in the room decide what flavor to get. Then there’s a pizza builder, in which the company says “means you never have to compromise with finicky guests.” Then there’s also an “easy check out” feature, which has a description of “just one tap and you’re ready to eat.”


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Papa John’s – Out to Out-Cyber the Competition With New App
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