Patchwork Review – Buttoning it Out

Patchwork is an easy to learn yet hard to master board game. It is intentionally built as a two player game. In the game, the player will add buttons that will allow him to purchase scraps of cloth, and each piece of cloth don’t only have button cost but also a movement cost and is the method of advancing along the game board.

Patchwork Review - Buttoning it Out

Patchwork Delivers a Solid Mobile Gaming Experience

The player’s main goal in Patchwork is to gather more buttons and fill out his quilt board as much as can be before reaching the end of the game board. Each player starts with an empty board that can be filled with tetris-like cloth pieces. Each turn, the player can choose a single piece of cloth out of the selection of three or pass the turn and advance on the game board to be exactly one space ahead of the opponent. Whoever has more buttons and loses the least amount of points for the available spaces in his quilt board will win.

At first glance, it may not be that obvious, but the player’s main communication with the other is to manipulate them into bad positions by either forcing the opponent long distance passes or by controlling who will get a better selection of scraps. The only unsystematic element in the game is the scrap assembly line. By eyeing on the assembly pieces of cloth, the player can get that chess-like ability to plan out the move in advance, and expect for either the best or the worst from the opponent’s moves.

The app has an online mode that is kind of a weird real time mix. Every turn in Patchwork has a 24 hour time limit but the player can also play rapidfire with no breaks if both players are present and have their device connected.  Unsurprisingly, the game takes up just a little room on the phone storage. The game also had a few bugs but it was recently patched up and sewn together.

There was a bug in the multiplayer mode that caused a display error with a few of the patches on the assembly line. Thankfully, it was not that common and even though it is a bit frustrating, it does not ruin the game. But a more serious bug in pass and play mode. Each time button math was done for either character, player 1’s button total would be affected.

Patchwork carries a great experience that weaves a great theme with solid mechanics. The app’s overall atmosphere is very thematic and aside from that, it has also some very good animations that are fresh from the mobile player’s eyes.


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