Pet Photography – How to Take Perfect Pictures

Whenever your pet does something astounding (or something absolutely funny), you would have wished that you could capture the moment, even if you already know a thing or two about pet photography. Taking the perfect shots of your pets might seem easy to do but it is actually quite difficult, especially when you are not prepared for the situation. So with camera in-hand, read on to know how you can take great photos of your pets.

Pet Photography - How to Take Perfect Pictures

Learn How to Take Perfect Shots From Pet Photography

If you want to take the perfect images from your pet photography, control the scenario as much as you can. The simplest of steps can make an entirely huge difference, and that is to take photos of your pets at their eye level (or just slightly above that but not any higher). When you’re shooting at this level, you will be seeing the world, or in this case from your camera, from the animal’s perspective rather than that of a human’s.

Next up is to create the setting for your pet photography. There are many cases when shooting outdoors with your pet delivers a better photograph than taking pictures of them indoors. For example, take your pet dog outside and let him/her prance around a field of flowers. Watch as they jump around the field full of joy as they play around the flora. Once again, kneel, or even lie down for you to try and take a good view of what the animal is seeing. If you’re pet is moving around too much and you want to freeze everything in the photo, then opt for a high shutter speed. Otherwise, you will risk blurring out the photos, and all you’re going to get are some weird patterns in your photo that may or may not resemble your pet dog.

As a rule of thumb, your shutter speed should not go below the focal length of your lens. For example, say you’re using an 85-milimeter lens, so your shutter speed should not go below 1/85th of a second. You can bump up the shutter speed even more to freeze more of the frame into the photo. But do adjust the other aspects of the image as well, such as ISO and aperture, so that you get an image that’s rightly exposed.

For your pet photography, do take note that there are times when breaking the rules can work well in some scenarios. For instance, if you set a slightly slower shutter speed, then you might achieve a cool panning shot of your pet running around.


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Pet Photography – How to Take Perfect Pictures
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