Philips OLED 901F Review – Taking a Bold New Direction

When it comes to Philips, it is known as a brand that has been around for quite a long while, but it doesn’t mean that it does not fit its products with the modern trends in technology, especially when you consider the Philips OLED 901F. This 55-inch television is able to support 4K UHD resolution images, and it slingshots the TP Vision brand into a whole new direction. However, it is still not easily recommendable for just about anyone looking for a 4K-capable TV, and one look at the huge price tag can justify that notion.

Philips OLED 901F Review – Taking a Bold New Direction

The Philips OLED 901F Promotes Simplicity, But it is by no Means Cheap

OLED technology has some immediate advantages when it comes to image quality, especially when it comes to the inky blacks and the color saturation of the colors, and these properties are surely apparent within the Philips OLED 901F. When you’re taking a gander at 4K UHD footage, the colors will be vibrant that are an immediate eye-catcher.

Once you turn on the TV, you will be met with a color gamut that takes up 99-ercent of the DCI-P3 WCG color space, if you’re into that sort of thing. But even though you don’t know about such details, simply knowing that it can produce vibrant colors without being hurtful to the eyes is a great deal indeed. It also brings a great and consistent performance when looking at the screen on practically all angles. Therefore, it eliminates the need to move your couch directly in front of the 901F.

When it comes to its sound performance, it is of the average sort. Still, it will give you the benefit of 6.1, 30W sound system that has six front firing drivers that are mounted in a thin, aluminum sound bar. The sound is the complemented with a backfiring Triple Ring speaker that has an included bass port.

As for its design, it is nothing short of a nice-looking television. The slim bezel surrounding the panel definitely assists the Ambilight technology to bring about a greater impact, and it can even give you a better reason to buy it.

While you might immediately want to reach out for your wallet to purchase the Philips OLED 901F, this particular television is by no means cheap. Still, it is a great option if you don’t mind spending quite a bit of sum of money on it.


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Philips OLED 901F Review – Taking a Bold New Direction
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