Philips Screeneo 2.0 Review – Three Devices in One

If you want three devices rolled into one for home entertainment purposes, then it is in your best interest to check out the Philips Screeneo 2.0. It is a device that immediately separates itself from other DLP projectors out on the market as it is also a big-screen TV, as well as a sound bar. Furthermore, the design choice is quite peculiar but interesting as it looks like a bucket.

Philips Screeneo 2.0 Review - Three Devices in One

The Philips Screeneo 2.0 Resembles a High-Tech Bucket

The official name for the Philips Screeneo 2.0 is the Philips HDP2510/EU, but most people wouldn’t bother calling it that. Furthermore, and once again, it really does look like a bucket, and unapologetically so. Right from the fold-down silver carry handle to the gentle downward tapering, it won’t look out of place should you place a plunger or a spade right beside it.

However, even though it looks like something that you would pour water into (and you should never do that to this device), the design choice is not ugly at all. It has a black-and-silver color scheme that is smart all over. Furthermore, it has a high quality finish which makes it a triumph in terms of design and functionality.

What’s surprising for the Screeneo 2.0 is its ability to be three devices in one while maintaining a reasonably compact body. The projector is an ultra-short throw variety and the device has a potent integrated audio system. The point of the tech firm into creating the device is to let users recreate the experience of watching a large TV for a fraction of the price for when you have to get a large-screened television, a sound bar, and an ultra-short throw projector.

As for its projector element, it is of the single-chip DLP variety, and it is capable delivering a claimed 2,000 lumens of maximum brightness. It also has a claimed contrast ration of 200,000:1. This means that this is certainly a device made for watching different types of videos, or something that you would want if you want to project high quality PowerPoint presentations.

Perhaps the most remarkable element of the Philips Screeneo 2.0 is its throw ratio. There is a reason as to why this thing is shaped like a bucket as it contains a projector that will fire upward from the bottom of the device. This makes it possible for the unit to deliver a large picture at a tiny throw distance. This is a decent all-around device that you wouldn’t mind using all the time.


Where to buy Philips Screeneo 2.0?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Philips Screeneo 2.0 online.

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Philips Screeneo 2.0 Review – Three Devices in One
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