Photography – How to Avoid Shutter Speed Mistakes

Have you ever tried practicing your photography then all of a sudden your photos don’t come out the way you want them to? There are times when the images can be blurry, and not the artistic kind, mind you. If this is the case, then perhaps the main culprit is your camera’s shutter speed. This is one of the elements to control exposure in your images. Furthermore, it can be used as a creative tool of sorts. It can freeze action or even add a more dramatic blur. Take note of the following tips to avoid getting mistakes with regards to shutter speed.

Photography - How to Avoid Shutter Speed Mistakes

Follow These Tips to Avoid Shutter Speed Mistakes in Photography

To start, when you want to freeze movement whenever you’re doing portrait, street, or other forms of photography, then make sure to have a minimum shutter speed of at least 1/250sec. With this shutter speed, you can capture a lot of movement, like a bird about to take flight or a cyclist going about the track. As an added bonus, you can even try out the Dutch angle in your shots; this is when you tilt the camera in another angle besides completely horizontal or vertical for a more dynamic looking shot.

As a rule of thumb, if you’re going to shoot fast-moving cars, animals, or motorbikes, then make sure that your shutter speed will not go below 1/1000sec if you want to freeze their actions. If you landscape photography is your thing and you want to freeze the waves in your photo, then make sure that you don’t go below 1/250sec.

But if you want to give your images a dramatic blur, like if you want to achieve a panning shot, then you need to reduce the shutter speed appropriately. When you try to do a panning shot and everything still looks frozen solid or if there’s not enough blur to your liking, then use an even slower shutter speed.

If you are going to do panning shots, if you’re going to take photos of fast-moving cars, birds, or motorbikes, then do try 1/125sec for your shutter speed. For moving animals (not running or fast-moving) or running people, you can try out 1/30sec.

Remember, in order to avoid mistakes for your photography endeavors, especially when you want to make sure that your shutter speed setting is just right, then you may want to do some test shots first. Hence, go to the desired (or required) location first and get some test images from your camera. Once you’re happy with the results, stick with those settings.


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