Photography – How to Become a Better Photographer

To many, photography is not just a hobby but a new way of life. As such, getting to become better at taking pictures of practically anything is a daily habit for many shutterbugs. Whether you want to improve your photos in the categories of portrait, landscape, macro, or street, there are ways on how to become better at your chosen craft.

Photography - How to Become a Better Photographer

Becoming Better at the Art of Photography

When doing portrait photography, it is important to focus on the eyes of your model. While having eye contact is not always the desirable situation in a portrait image, making sure that you subject’s eyes are sharp are certainly vital. Select the AF point then point that area to focus on the eye of your subject. Even if your model is looking away from the camera for a more dramatic effect, and if you’re using a wide aperture, you can make sure that the eye (or eyes) are sharp. Remember what many say, the eyes are the window to the soul, and many photographers follow that notion.

Now, what if you have many people as your subjects in one particular scene? The first thing you would probably want to consider is their heights; putting taller people at the back and the shorter ones at the front. In order to ensure that everyone in the frame stays sharp, you would need to have an aperture of at least f/8. This might be quite difficult especially when you’re doing indoor photography. What you can do is make sure there’s a ton of light in the room to compensate for the aperture, or you can bump up your camera’s ISO.

If you’re into taking more landscape photos than taking pictures of people, there are many photographers that want the horizon in the frame to be level. This holds especially true if you’re taking photos of seascapes. Why? Because otherwise, the water will appear to be running out of the frame. To make sure that the horizon is leveled, use your camera’s Live View mode with a grid overlaid on the screen. Align the scenario properly before hitting the shutter button.

For macro photography, manual focus might be better than making use of the auto-focusing feature of your lens and camera. It is because there are many lenses that can’t auto-focus properly when they’re shooting up close to a particular subject. Use the manual focus ring found on your lens to manually adjust the focus of the scene before hitting the shutter button.


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