Photography – How to Take Better Pictures of Fireworks

Have you encountered taking pictures of fireworks and trying to put your photography skills to the test, only to find out that the images don’t look the way you want them to? One great aspect about fireworks is the trails of the explosions leave behind. They can form anything from flowers to even popular cartoon characters. They shimmer, spark, electrify, and obscure the stars with their brilliant display. However, capturing these the right way needs careful planning, as well as taking complete control of your camera.

Photography - How to Take Better Pictures of Fireworks

Taking Pictures of Fireworks

Step 1 – The first thing to do when you want to practice your photography skills when there’s fireworks show is to stop using any kind of automatic function on your camera. Hence, go full manual; do not opt for any of the scene modes, nor go for aperture priority, and not even shutter speed priority. If you see an “M” setting on your camera’s dial, or somewhere in your unit’s menu, then use that. Why? It’s because even the smartest modern camera is not that smart enough. Hence, if you take a picture with any of the automatic functions, chances are you won’t get the results you desire.

Step 2 – Bring a tripod to the scene, or if you don’t have one then and the fireworks display is still some days away, then perhaps now is the best time to go out and buy one. This is because you’re going to slow down the shutter speed on your camera. With such a setting, any kind of movement will bring about a botched image. If you don’t have a tripod, don’t have the budget to spend on it right now, or the fireworks show is already happening, then you might just want to settle for a really steady surface instead.

Step 3 –  While other photography techniques will have you gunning for the auto-focusing function of your camera or that of your lens, turn that off for this kind of practice. Instead, go for manual focus. This is because when your camera uses its auto-focusing feature, it will constantly analyze the scene. Hence, it can take off precious time to giving you the perfect shot of the fireworks.

Step 4 – Since this is a type of photography practice wherein you’re using slow shutter speed, you don’t have to peer through the display or the viewfinder all the time. When all the settings are in place, just click on the shutter on the unit and enjoy the fireworks show.


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