Photography – How to Take Better Sunset Photos

It is safe to say that anyone, at some point in their lives, has seen a spectacular sunset that can be found in the far off distance, and when you do, you might want to take your photography skills for a spin. However, know that simply snapping a photo of the sunset, even with your high-powered DSLR, can yield unsatisfactory results if you just press the shutter button without knowing what makes a good photo of said sunset. Do note that sunset photos are all about light and color, and you need to portray these into your image. Otherwise, you might come up with a photo that looks to bland that you might just opt to reach for the “Delete” button instead.

Photography - How to Take Better Sunset Photos

Learn to do Better With Sunset Photography

Step 1 – When you’re practicing your photography skills and would want to take good sunset photos, then know that light levels in sunsets change rapidly, and the time that they do change varies among different locations. This is because the light will drop as the sun does, and thus, you would need to adjust, and even re-adjust your camera settings to match the tone, color, and light parameters being given by the horizon.

Step 2 – Now that you’ve got most of your settings right, the aperture readings might differ depending on what type of photography you’re doing. If you’re taking a portrait, then you just might want to ramp up the aperture blades to their most open state. Otherwise, if you’re opting for a landscape photo, then somewhere between the lines of f/8 to f/16 would work best (depending on the lens).

Step 3 – Speaking of landscape photography, you might want to have a few other things as part of your arsenal. For instance, if you want to capture smooth, flowing water if the sunset incorporates the beach or the sea, then you might want to purchase filters to go for low shutter speeds. Also, a very good and stable tripod is a must if you’re opting for this method.

Step 4 – Lastly, when taking your photography skills for a spin to take sunset photos, always make sure to never focus on the sun. In other words, the sun should never be the main subject because it will blow every setting within your camera out of proportion, thus giving you a very unsatisfactory photo. Instead, focus on other things within the frame and just let the sun do its best in lighting your main subject.


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Photography – How to Take Better Sunset Photos
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