Photography – How to Take Great Photos of Gardens and Flowers

When you’re out practicing your photography skills and would want to take pictures of flowers and gardens, then know that these pictures are generally full of color. However, simply clicking on the shutter button on your camera without knowing how to compose the shot properly, or if you just let the camera arbitrarily handle the entire scene might get you unsatisfactory results. Remember, your camera might be smart, but it’s not THAT smart. If you want to take great photos of garden scenes and/or flowers, then read on.

Photography - How to Take Great Photos of Gardens and Flowers

Taking Great Photos of Flowers and Gardens With Your Photography

Step 1 – If you really want to make the most out of your photography skills to take great photos of gardens and flowers, then you have to set your alarm clock and wake up to head to your preferred scene as the sun is about to rise. This is because a dawn scene of gardens and flowers tend to have a magical look about them. Shadows will rake across the scene as the sun shoots up into the sky slowly. This will make the flowers sparkle with the backlighting as the morning dews reflect the light from above. Not to mention that there is usually very little wind when it is early in the morning, unless you’re heading to an area that is generally really windy.

Step 2 – Another great technique when practicing garden and flower photography is to look for patterns or repeating shapes. Add the fact that you’re shooting in the early hours of the morning and you will get really amazing light that will add a touch of glamour into your photo.

Step 3 – Don’t stick to just one lens when taking pictures of gardens and flowers. There are those who immediately think that you need a wide angle lens for the job and nothing else, primarily because you are going to shoot a bit of landscape into the scene. However, this depends on the scene, as there are times when you don’t want too much backdrop inside your photo.

Step 4 – Lastly, when you’re practicing your photography skills when taking pictures of gardens and/or flowers, it is important to know how to read natural light. The light from the sun can be very unpredictable, and things like clouds and airplanes can ruin your desired image. Hence, and once again, it might be better off for you to take pictures in the early morning so that there will be less obstructions found in the sky.


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