Photomath for Android – Helping More Than Calculating Your Budget

During your academic years, when faced with math problems don’t you wish that you could just take the equation on the test paper, punch it in a machine and the correct answer magically comes out it’s the stuff of the future – thankfully you can get a taste of the future with Photomath; a photo calculator that has been getting better and better since it became popular in 2014. Image to text applications are widespread in the app market and there are several uses for them but what’s great about the photo calculator is that It’s not limited to just numbers, as you may know, math has many ways of solving and even writing equations, so by nature it’s harder but the app achieves this objective to some extent.

Photomath Android – Helping More Than Calculating Your Budget

Photomath Can Handle More Complex Equations Thanks to User Feedback

What started out as a barebones UI for Photomath is now a very intuitive UI as the updates rolled-out. The UI now has two main features, the main UI is the photo calculator which uses the camera on your device to scan an equation, while the other is to allow you to manually type in the equation on the device for better accuracy. The photo calculator UI is very simple, it has a bar at the top to access the sidebar, switch between photo calculator and equation editor, at the top right is a toggle for flash modes and that’s basically it. In the middle is a box where you’re supposed to fit the basic equations in order for the device to accurately recognize it. At the bottom is your scan history as well as the steps as to how the value was obtained more on that later. The equation editor is for more complex equations. At the bottom you get a special calculator pad that includes functions such as fractions, exponents, square roots and more among your basic functions.

For features, the app does what it’s supposed to but it will likely depend on what it scans. Like all computer vision software, Photomath for Android isn’t perfect and while it did get better over the course of updates, it now supports handwritten equations; but like any other human that checks their student’s math homework, it will come down to how legible handwritten equations are done. The app works best if an equation is written cleanly and legibly. The app also has an educational feature with step by step instructions on how the answer was obtained provided the equation was correctly scanned and interpreted. A paid version of the app lets you improve your grades with its exclusive and very useful features.

Photomath is highly recommended as it has its uses just as long as it is within the current capabilities of the app, if used for educational purposes, the step by step feature is an excellent tutor. It can help you greatly with your mathematics homework, and perhaps even letting you calculate your spending allowance for the month.


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