Photoshop – How to Remove Acne and Blemishes

Imagine having to go through a photoshoot with pimples, zits, acne, and all kinds of blemishes lingering around your face – it can be a horrifying experience, but the good news here is that there is Photoshop to the rescue. The photo editing tool can be used to remove those unsightly bumps on your face, and it can even be done without people knowing that those things existed on the day of your shoot. If you want to remove acne, pimples, and blemishes using Adobe’s prime photo editing software, then read on to learn how.

Photoshop - How to Remove Acne and Blemishes

Removing Acne and Blemishes in Photoshop

Step 1 – Open your desired image in Photoshop. Then, duplicate the original layer; this is because (as a rule of thumb for many digital artists), working with the original photo can prove to be disastrous. Therefore, always opt for a non-destructive method when doing image editing.

Step 2 – One of the easier ways to remove acne and blemishes in Adobe Photoshop is to use the Spot Healing Brush tool. It is located on the left sidebar, and the icon of the button looks like a band-aid. Click and hold on the button and a menu should pop up. Make sure that you select the Spot Healing Brush tool and not the others (although the other tools can assist in removing acne and blemishes from a photo, but those are for another time).

Step 3 – Select the duplicated layer and then resize the brush for the Spot Healing Brush tool that is just a bit larger than the pimple, acne, bump, or blemish that you want to remove. You can right-click on your mouse and resize the size of the brush, or you can use the bracket keys on your keyboard.

Step 4 – Now all you have to do is click on the unsightly thing and it will magically disappear. This is because the application will calculate the texture and color of the surrounding pixels to make the affected area a more evened out surface.

Step 5 – It should be noted that the Spot Healing Brush tool in Photoshop does not work all the time, especially if the acne, bump, pimple, or blemish can be found near an edge. What happens is that the software will also calculate that edge into the spot, which can turn into unwanted results. The good things are that you can always Undo what has been done, and you can also use the Clone Stamp tool to remove those unsightly things that are near edges.


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