Piriform Recuva Review – Get Deleted Files Back

If you’ve accidentally deleted a file and don’t know what to do with your life after that, then not to worry as the Piriform Recuva application is here to help you. As you might have guessed with the name, which is playfully spelled, the program is designed to recover deleted data. It takes advantage of the fact that when the files are still found as files in your computer’s hard drive, they are not actually removed from the system. Therefore, they do remain restorable until the space that they occupy will be overwritten by newer files. The software is even useful when you’ve accidentally emptied the Recycle bin, or when you’re computer is suffering from a malware problem. Furthermore, it can even recover deleted emails.

Piriform Recuva Review - Get Deleted Files Back

Get Files Back With Piriform Recuva

There are quite a few ways to use Piriform Recuva, and perhaps the simplest one is to make use of the built-in wizard. When using said wizard, its first stage will let users specify what they want to search for. In here, you can search for just about any recoverable file, or you can also speed up the process by limiting the search. For example, you can limit the search parameters to only search for lost image files. The searches can be restricted individual folders and files as well, which include searching through memory cards, thumb drives, and CDs and DVDs. Alternatively, you can check practically everywhere inside your system, but do prepare yourself for quite the lengthy search. For a large scan, it can take over an hour for it to complete its search.

When you switch to Advanced mode in Recuva, it may not appear that you’ve unlocked a bunch of extra options, but it does offer you more information about the files that you’re trying to recover and as to what state they are in. The program uses a traffic light system to tell you the quality of data to be restored.

For all it’s worth, Piriform Recuva is very easy to use. It is a refreshing alternative to many paid options that are available for download. This is a great piece of software that can be also be installed as a portable application, which means you can put inside a thumb drive so that multiple users can take advantage of it. Should you find that your system has a lot of recoverable files, then you target on more specific documents that you’re looking for by filtering out a certain type. You can even make use of certain search strings of text for specific files that you want to recover.


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Piriform Recuva Review – Get Deleted Files Back
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