PlaYo – Free Music & Radio – Free Music App Review

If you’re looking for an online music streaming app that lets you play an unlimited number of songs, then perhaps you might want to check out PlaYo – Free Music & Radio. With this free music app, you will be able to play music, build playlists, and choose songs all without paying a single cent. Yes, these actions are all for free. You can even download the songs and sync them across multiple devices, again without paying a single penny.

PlaYo - Free Music & Radio - Free Music App Review

The PlaYo – Free Music & Radio App Presents a Ton of Free Music and Features

What are the key features found within the PlaYo – Free Music & Radio mobile application? As mentioned earlier, it lets you take advantage of playing unlimited free music. You can stream for hours-on-end without having to worry about paying to access more. You can also streams songs online and even download them directly to your device so that you can listen to them later on without having to be connected to the Internet. Don’t know what to play next? There are also thousands of online radio stations so that you can let them do the selecting as to what to play next.

Other features include letting users build and edit playlists, enjoy songs categorized by genre, mood, or your own preferences, and you can also take advantage of letting the PlaYo – Free Music & Radio app play your favorite tracks while the application is minimized in the background.

There has been, however, some confusion when it comes to downloading the songs. Just like with many other online music streaming services, you CAN download the songs but you can’t play it in any other app but this one. Furthermore, you cannot extract those songs from the app. This might sound troublesome for some, but it is to protect the developers and its users from any kind of copyright infringement.

If you’re a Spotify user, then you’ll know this kind of setup is similar within PlaYo – Free Music & Radio. But what’s different from Spotify and this particular app is that the latter acquires its audio files from multiple sources instead of its own database. Therefore, you might even discover new songs that are not from other online streaming apps. The app has already garnered a lot of good reviews. One Google Play user named Esta Mutungwa even says that “this app is the most awesome I ever seen the music it great try it you will love it trust me you won’t regret. “


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PlaYo – Free Music & Radio – Free Music App Review
4.1 (82%) ratings from 90 users