PlayStation 4 – Free VR Upgrades Available for Certain Titles

To have the best gaming experience, gaming companies, especially that of Sony and its PlayStation 4, are now moving forward with the trends in technology and implementing the latest that technology has to offer to give users the best of what is on offer, and this inclusion of virtual reality towards known titles would be, perhaps, just the beginning. VR technology has already gained a large number of followers throughout the entire globe, and it is with this reason that Sony will be releasing its own virtual reality hardware for its current-generation home gaming console instead of relying on third-party manufacturers to create the VR experience. The Japanese tech firm calls it the PlayStation VR, and it will retail around $399. Since its announcement, fans of the console have been wondering if there are some existing titles that will be compatible with this new piece of hardware.

PlayStation 4 - Free VR Upgrades Available for Certain Titles

PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Headset Will be Compatible to Some Existing Titles

For PlayStation 4 owners, there is good news to that thought as the virtual reality headset is made to be an upgrade rather than deliver an entirely new experience (but it’ll still do that nonetheless). Furthermore, the VR upgrade for some compatible titles will come as a free download. There are already some games in the list that have been mentioned such as Super Stardust Ultra, Bound, and Hustle Kings. There are also other games like DriveClub that are intended to be part of that growing list.

As per VR Focus, Star Wars: Battlefront has a no-cost PlayStation VR add-on, and it is even considered to be the largest game to receive the upgrade. Aside from Star Wars: Battlefront, there are also other very well-known PS4 titles to receive the upgrade such as Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, and even the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy XV. It is expected that the hardware will be out on the 13th of October of this year. Other known titles to receive the upgrade include Viva Ex Vivo, Futuidium EP Deluxe, Volume: Coda, Attractio, Hyper Void, and Nebulous.

According to reports from Gaming Bolt, boosting the PlayStation 4 experience comes from the PlayStation VR already having 50 playable games from the day that it will be launched. With the headset, users will be able to take advantage of the maximum effects that virtual reality for gaming can deliver. The aforementioned hardware marks another innovation into the gaming world, and is seen as exciting news for the PlayStation enthusiast.


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PlayStation 4 – Free VR Upgrades Available for Certain Titles
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