PlayStation 4 Slim Review – Slimmer, Lighter, and Better

The PlayStation 4 Slim is definitely thinner, obviously, but it has more than meets the eye than its now slimmer frame. It follows the current styling of the Japanese tech firm of releasing an updated and redesigned version of a console that is already part-way within its life cycle. This slimmer PS4 is approximately 30-percent thinner than the original model, and it does add one notable feature – support for HDR content. This means that for those who have TVs that can support high dynamic range content, images will appear brighter and bolder.

PlayStation 4 Slim Review - Slimmer, Lighter, and Better

The PlayStation 4 Slim Brings About HDR Support

Looking at the hardware itself, the PlayStation 4 Slim is practically the same inside. Interested purchasers can still choose between a 500GB or 1TB of storage, and it will still be able to play the same library of downloadable or disc-based videogames as that of the original PS4. If you’re looking for a home-gaming console from Sony that does have better performance because of slightly beefier hardware, then you might want to consider the PlayStation 4 Pro instead, as this variant is able to support 4K output and content.

Going back to the PS4 Slim, the difference in size when comparing it to the original PlayStation 4 is very much apparent. Still, the footprint is still pretty much the same, but the slim version does show off its successful weight-loss in just about every way you look at it. Aside from its apparent slimmer design, it is also about half-an-inch shorter than the original model.

Aside from being slimmer and shorter, it also gets a bit of a redesign. The Slim version now has a matte sandpaper finish, which is a lot better to look at than that half-glossy finish of the original PS4. Furthermore, Sony claims that it is now about 25-percent lighter as well, and that claim is not just for show. When you hold both models in your hand, you would immediately notice the weight difference.

However, do take note that the PlayStation 4 Slim no longer has an optical audio jack, which is clearly a move to keep the cost of the console as low as possible. But on the plus side, the new unit does run cooler and quieter than before. Load up some games and you wouldn’t hear the fan at all. But for those who already have the original PS4, and has no sign of going for new gadgets that support HDR in the near future, then you might just want to stick with your current PlayStation 4 instead of purchasing this slimmer model.


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