PlayStation 4 – Update Adds Essential Security Feature

The PlayStation 4, albeit known to be going head-to-head with Microsoft’s Xbox One, has been missing a security feature. However, the latest update has brought that and some more for users and players to take advantage of. The 4.00 patch introduces a two-step verification system towards PlayStation devices. It then puts the Sony home gaming console to follow in the footsteps of Microsoft’s lead with regards to this particular department.

PlayStation 4 - Update Adds Essential Security Feature

PlayStation 4 Adds Two-Step Authentication in New Update

In theory, this new feature brought about by the new update for the PlayStation 4 will make it harder for cyber attackers to obtains account records, and these include credit card information that are stored within a user’s account. As per Press-Start, this feature will be rolled out to New Zealand and Australia first prior to hitting other regions within the coming weeks.

As part of the two-step verification process, PS4 users would first have to input their mobile phone numbers. Then, Sony would then send unique passwords to their phones after each new login attempt. Furthermore, the older generation PlayStation 3, as well as the PlayStation Vita, will also get additional security measures but it is not in the form of a two-step authentication process. Instead, it will be that of a separate device code found on top of existing passwords.

At the time of writing, the update 4.00 is currently being tested as part of an invite-only beta period. These invites have been recently sent by the Japanese tech company. With this patch, it addresses the longing need for users to no longer fear the threat of a cyber attack, in which the company experienced a few years back wherein a massive amount of data has been stolen from their database, which include important credit card information from users.

Aside from the new security feature, the update also brings other features into the mix, namely a new way to organize files within the system by way of folders, as well as better homepage organization. The update is codenamed Shingen, and it will allow users to create folders within the console’s content launcher and Library. As per Sony, “This will help collect your favorite games and select apps in one place for quick and easy access.”

The PlayStation 4 library will also be overhauled, as the update will add a new tab for all the purchased content you’ve made. Users will also be able to sort and organize the library better, as well as search for content and games with the use of text input.


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