PlayStation – Neo Console Expected to be Debuted on September

There have been a lot of rumors circling around the upcoming PlayStation console, which is said to be dubbed as the Neo, and it has been a source for many hot topics since reports have started existing back in early spring. Now, recent reports claim that Sony is expected to reveal the new console in under a month. It should be noted that this is not a next-generation machine but rather that of a mid-cycle upgrade, which is something similar to that of the Xbox One S to the original Xbox One. It is said that the Japanese tech manufacturer supposedly chose the 7th of September to directly avoid going head-to-head against Nintendo, in which the anticipated announcement for its next platform, the NX, is expected to take place on the 12th of September at the Tokyo Game Show.

PlayStation - Neo Console Expected to be Debuted on September

The PlayStation Neo is Expected to be Formally Announced on September 7

The report with regards to the announcement on the upcoming PlayStation console comes from the French website Gameblog, wherein it is said to have confirmed rumors that have been circling around the unit’s anticipated launch. It is still rumored that Sony wants the new platform, as well as the PlayStation VR, to be launched just in time for this year’s holiday season. Hence, the resulting hardware extravaganza would result in bringing more earnings towards the company. Well, that is if many customers would bite deals.

So the question now is, what can the PlayStation Neo do? Once again, there is still no official word about what the new console can actually do, or what upgrades or improvements will it have. However, it doesn’t mean that the rumor mill would stop churning. There are reports that state that Sony is able to rigidly enforce the backwards compatibility of the new PS4. It is said that games would not have all-new modes of gameplay or specific features for the titles for the new console. However, it is alleged that the new machine will feature eight AMD “Jaguar” CPU cores that are all clocked in at 2.1GHz.With this figure, it is a 31-percent improvement than what the original console can handle.

As for the graphics, it is reported that the upcoming PlayStation console will feature a Polaris-derived GPU with double GPU cores, as well as a higher clock frequency. There will also be 218GB/s of memory bandwidth, which has risen from 176GB/s on the original PS4.


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