Pokémon Go – A No-Go for Intel-Based Phones

While the rest of the world is clamoring over the fact that you can now catch digital Pokémon through augmented reality with the use of Niantic Labs’ and Nintendo’s hit of a mobile application Pokémon Go, if you own a smartphone with an Intel chip powering it, chances are what you’re going to get is a “black screen of death.” Well, not really, but the bottom line is that the game will freeze even before you get to start playing it. This is because the application does not work on Android mobile devices with Intel Atom chips, which is now also the latest issue for the chip manufacturer as it is starting pull away from the handset market.

Pokémon Go - A No-Go for Intel-Based Phones

Pokémon Go Does Not Work With Intel Atom-Based Phones

As Intel is starting to shy away from the smartphone and tablet sector, Android device users are now having trouble keeping up with the times, especially for fans who were eagerly awaiting to try out Pokémon Go only to get shot down before they can even take flight with the application. There is a petition to make the now hit augmented reality mobile game to be compatible to Atom chips that have already attracted close to 22,000 signers on Monday. The maker of the application, Niantic Labs, did not respond to questions as to whether they would release a compatible version of the game for Intel Atom-based devices.

To join in with this gruesome fact, the Pokémon Go app does not also work with Windows phones, however that is a clear decision from Niantic Labs’ to not support that particular operating system at the moment. This current issue is rising as Intel is starting to pull away from the smartphone chip sector following their failure to catch up with ARM, of whose processor designs are located in many, if not most modern handsets. As a matter of fact, Atom chips for mobile devices are already being phased out of the market.

Should you have an Android tablet or a smartphone that is powered by the Intel Atom chip, do note that things might not get any better any time soon, especially with Pokémon Go. There are also other issues that are rising as the number of apps and OS upgrades for the Android system on Intel Atom is now starting to take a slide. Device manufacturers that usually work on Android upgrades with Intel is now scaling back on development for support on the chips.


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Pokémon Go – A No-Go for Intel-Based Phones
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