Pokémon Go – Be Careful of the Malicious App

Pokémon Go, the hit of a mobile game brought to us by Niantic Labs and Nintendo, is now taking the world by storm. However, players who want to “be the very best like no one ever was” are not the only people who are aiming to take advantage of the situation, and it’s not the good kind either. While you may be scrambling to the Google Play Store to download the application, do note that there now appears to be some malicious program that is found inside a re-uploaded version of the game. It is a software that attaches itself to the application through a ripped version of the apk. It is being handed around to people who cannot wait for the mobile game to be launched in their regions.

Pokémon Go - Be Careful of the Malicious App

Pokémon Go Malicious Software Being Passed Around

It has been reported by Gizmodo that according to software security company PointProof that it has already sent out a warning through their blog in order to inform the people of installing the Pokémon Go through other means besides Google Play as there is a third-party application called Droidjack that attaches itself to an apk of the popular game. While those who have downloaded the now worldwide sensation of a game via Google Play will have no problem, much can be said for wannabe Pokémon trainers who could not enjoy the game yet through official means because it is not yet available in their regions.

If the Pokémon Go app is not yet available in your region, then you can either wait for the game to be released (in which it is reported that Niantic Labs is already working hard for a global release), or you can download the apk from third-party uploaders. If you do choose the latter option, then make sure that you know what’s at stake here. Make sure that if you download the apk from a third-party website, that said website should be reliable enough so that you won’t encounter problems with the installation of the application.

But if you’ve just downloaded the Pokémon Go apk from any other website, and your smartphone is starting to act funny, then perhaps it might have already been infected with Droidjack. The official release of the game tells that it does affect SMS messaging in order to communicate with other players, and also it will take pictures and has proximity-based features to assist in locating and capturing Pokémon. But with Droidjack involved, the app states that it will change network connectivity, connect and disconnect Wi-Fi, view the Wi-Fi network, and even retrieve information coming from running apps.


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