Pokemon Go – Become a Real-World Master

A few years ago, Nintendo released an April Fool’s joke by means of showing the world about using the smartphone to capture Pokemon in the real world through the use of augmented reality; what almost everybody did not know is that the folks at the Japanese gaming company already had such a plan in mind to bring that “joke” into realty, to which we now call as Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go - Become a Real-World Master

Pokemon Go is Due to be Released in July of This Year

Pokemon Go is expected to be released in July 2016, but it doesn’t mean that there haven’t been any signs of play already. Japan, as well as the North America, already has the advantage of taking part in a closed beta version of the highly anticipated smartphone game. It hails from Niantic Labs, which was formerly a Google-owned company, and it is also the firm who is responsible for the award winning Ingress mobile game.

Therefore, and unsurprisingly, Pokemon Go and Ingress draw from the same development path in so many ways. Just like Ingress, this new Pokemon mobile game is designed to send you out into the world (just like the start of your very own Pokemon master adventure) to search for your own Pocket Monsters to capture. You would then have to travel around certain locations as specific Pokemon can only be found in their “natural” habitat.

For example, if you want to capture water-type Pokemon, then you would have to go to places where there is plenty of water nearby. Likewise, if you would want an Electric-type Pokemon, then you would have better chances of finding them in a nearby power plant.

Speaking of getting up and go, whenever you visit “landmarks” in the area, you can get a Pokemon egg. In order to hatch these eggs, you would have to walk, or jog, or even run around. So why not just take your car around so that you can hatch these eggs? That won’t happen because the “egg hatching” feature of the mobile game makes use of the accelerometer of your mobile device. Think of it as the game’s built-in pedometer.

Pokemon fans all over the world are very excited for the release of Pokemon Go. Many are already at the edge of the their seats in anticipation (with smatphone in-hand) as they could not wait to start their very own journey to become the Pokemon Master.


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