Pokémon Go – Chaos Ensues Over Rare Water Type Pokémon

The Pokémon Go is still alive and kicking as more and more regions around the globe are slowly getting the chance to take part in the worldwide sensation that is catching digital monsters with your smartphone. The impact of this mobile application is undeniably high, and it would seem that Pokémon trainers around the United States is feeling much of that hype. It is just a few weeks since the official launch of the game and the popularity of it is just outrageous, much to the enjoyment of Niantic Labs and Nintendo. It is so popular, that when news came out that there was a rare water-type Pokémon found in Central Park, people suddenly clamored and mobbed the place to get a chance to capture said Pocket Monster.

Pokémon Go - Chaos Ensues Over Rare Water Type Pokémon

Pokémon Go Hype Being Felt in Central Park

What makes Pokémon Go so popular is it allows gamers the chance to experience the thinning gap between the real and game worlds through the use of digital technology. The game requires players to walk or travel around in search for Pokémon within the real world. Whenever their phone vibrates, it signals that a Pokémon is indeed nearby. Just like in the animation and in the games, you would have to capture Pokémon by throwing a Pokémon Ball, or PokéBall for short.

The excitement of the Pokémon Go App is so strong that a recent incident showcased the high influence of the game. The appearance of the water-type evolution of Eevee called Vaporeon was spotted in Central Park I New York. In the games, you cannot evolve Eevee into a Vaporeon through normal means (which includes beating other Pokémon for experience points and leveling up). Instead, you would have to give it a specific item to make it evolve. Therefore, when news spread out that this rare Pokémon was sighted in Central Park, there were many who did not spend a second too soon as they got their phones and immediately went to the spot.

In the United States alone, Pokémon Go has broken all records of downloads. Apart from the US, it has now been rolled out to many regions across the globe, which include the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and just very recently Canada. It is expected that the game will receive a similar response towards the hype within the United Kingdom as well. The game is so popular that it is causing the servers to have all kinds of problems, such as players being unable to log in due to congestion.


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