Pokémon Go – Generation II Pokémon are Here, Well, Sort of

The much-awaited additional roster of Pokémon for Pokémon Go are finally available but instead of fully expanding the Pokedex for the entire Gen II, users only get a few as a tease for a highly-likely major update that includes the second generation of Pokémon. The new Pokémon are available via the egg-hatching mechanic and what you get are Pichu and Togepi further increasing the roster of 151 to 153 with the inclusion of Ditto that was made available in November 2016 while players are limited to special events when it comes to catching the legendaries such as Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

Pokémon Go - Generation II Pokémon are Here, Well, Sort of

New Baby Pokémon Introduced in Pokémon Go

In the original game, generation II the egg mechanic were introduced via the “baby” Pokémon mainly Pichu and Togepi, in Pokémon Go, it’s likely to see future “baby” versions of second generation Pokémon as eggs such as Cleffa, Igglybuff, Elekid, Magby, as well as others. Coming along with the new update is a rare Pikachu that’s wearing a festive hat for some reason. With the player base steadily going down after it reached its peak, Niantic is slowly regaining back its once-active players via a steady stream of updates and events such as the recently-concluded Halloween event.

This story started out as a leak along with the game’s recent partnership with Starbucks that aims to turn every Starbucks branch into a Pokestop or gym and give players access to a Pokémon-themed drink at the coffee shop. Pokémon Go for Android and iOS is trying its best to keep it moving and it seems that its working albeit slowly since the hype has died down and the players have already felt the game’s repetitiveness. Eggs can be obtained at random from Pokestops and after the new tracker updates, also players also must track Pokémon’s locations relative to the Pokestop. As Niantic’s press release stated: “These Pokémon can only be hatched from eggs – Be sure to visit and activate Pokestops to acquire eggs Then hatch them and find out if you’ve found one of these new additions.” While people were expecting the whole roster, it’s nice to see the updates are rolling in and you’re given the chance to receive a Pokémon that can be considered as a reward for having to hatch almost every egg you obtain from the Pokestop just to see if it’s a Pichu or a Togepi.

This eventually leads to marketing strategies as Pokémon Go’s tracking feature lets you explore the area around the Pokestop and it’s highly likely that something Pokémon related is in the area, it’s either you discover something new or you find yourself buying a Pokémon themed Frappe from Starbucks


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