Pokémon Go – How to Know Your Pokémon’s IV

If you’re still playing Pokémon Go, despite its problems, then you might have noticed the new “Appraise” button that can be found when you get to see more information about your captured digital monster. Tapping on that button and your chosen team’s leader will suddenly appear at the bottom of your screen. He or she will then give you advice to make it easier for you to decide as to whether or not you should keep the Pokémon or turn it into candy. However, Candela, Blanche, or Spark won’t say the exact IVs, or Individual Values, of the stats of your Pokémon. Instead, they tend to speak in a rather cryptic matter if you have the best Pokémon or the worst one. If you want to know what the team leader’s mean on what they say about your Pocket Monsters, then read on.

Pokémon Go - How to Know Your Pokémon's IV

Knowing Your Pokémon’s IVs in Pokémon Go

For those who are under Team Mystic’s Blanche in Pokémon Go, when she says, “Overall, you [Pokémon’s name] is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokémon!” then the IV scores for the captured monster is approximately at 82.2 to 100-percent. Which means that it is the best one to have for that particular monster. When she says “Overall, your [Pokémon’s name] has certainly caught my attention,” then it means that the IV scores are at 66.7 to 80-percent. When Blanche says “Overall, you [Pokémon’s name] is above average,” well in truth, your Pokémon is just average (then she might just be removing some of the salt from the wound by just a teensy bit). Lastly, if she says “Overall, your [Pokémon’s name] is not likely to make much headway in battle,” then just hit the Transfer button and send it to the Professor for Candy instead.

Blanche is not the only Team Leader in Pokémon Go. For Team Valor’s Candela, when she says “Overall, your [Pokémon’s name] simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!” it means that you have the best one to have for that kind of [Pokémon’s name]. If she says “Overall, your [Pokémon’s name] is a strong Pokémon. You should be proud!” then your Pokémon is, well, still pretty strong, but not the best. If Candela says “Overall, your [Pokémon’s name] is a decent Pokémon,” then that’s it, your Pokémon is just average. Lastly, if she says “Overall, your [Pokémon’s name] may not be great in battle, but I still like it!” chances are you won’t share the same sentiments as she does so just turn that Pokémon into candy instead.

Lastly, there’s Spark, the Team Leader of Team Instinct in Pokémon Go. If he says “Overall, your [Pokémon’s name] looks like it can really battle with the best of them!” then that Pokémon does have a greater chance to have the highest attainable IVs for its type. When Spark says “Overall, [Pokémon’s name] is really strong!” then your Pokémon is strong, but not the best in the biz. When he says “Overall, your [Pokémon’s name] is pretty decent!” then you’ve got a Pokémon with average ranking IVs. Lastly, when he says “Overall, your [Pokémon’s name] has room for improvement as far as battling goes.” which means that it has the lowest ranking IVs that it can have.


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Pokémon Go – How to Know Your Pokémon’s IV
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