Pokémon Go – How to Use the New Buddy System

One of the latest updates to grace Niantic Labs’ famous mobile game, Pokémon Go, allow you to channel your inner Ash Ketchum. Well, not really; but what the new feature allows you to do is to choose a Buddy Pokémon that will walk right beside you. Once again, not really; the chosen Pokémon won’t spawn right beside you in the real world (but many wish it would),  and it won’t even walk beside you when you’re viewing your in-game avatar within the map area of the game. Still, you can see your chosen buddy when you look at your in-game profile. So what’s the significance of this? When you walk a certain distance with your chosen buddy, that Pokémon will give you candy. With the acquired candy, you can power up your Pokémon, or even make it evolve.

Pokémon Go - How to Use the New Buddy System

New Buddy System in Pokémon Go Lets Users Evolve Rare Pokémon Easier

Step 1 – To select your new buddy Pokémon in Pokémon Go, head to your profile by tapping on your avatar’s face icon found in the lower left corner of your device’s screen. Right now, if you haven’t chosen your buddy Pokémon yet, you will only see your avatar standing lonely. To fix that, while in your profile screen, tap on the button with the three horizontal bars found in the lower right corner of the screen. You will now see three menu items pop up. Tap on the icon that says “Buddy” to continue.

Step 2 – Tapping on the Buddy button will reveal your current inventory of caught Pokémon. Now all you have to do is to choose which of your caught Pokémon within the Pokémon Go app to become your buddy. Once selected, your choice will be confirmed. It should be noted that whenever you have a buddy, the buddy symbol will appear at the top of that particular Pokémon’s stat screen.

Step 3 – So what do you do now? You walk. While walking in real life, your avatar in the Pokémon Go will walk as well, and this time you now have your Buddy Pokémon to walk with you (sort of). When you walk a certain distance, your chosen buddy will give you candy. The amount of distance to be traveled depends on the which egg the chosen Pokémon will normally hatch from. Pokémon that hatch from 2-kilometer eggs will have you walking for 1-kilometer before you can get candy, then those from 5-kilometer eggs requires you to walk for 3-kilometers, and finally those that hatch from 10-kilometer eggs will let you walk for 5-kilometers before you can acquire candy from them.


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