Pokémon Go Plus Review – Catch ‘Em All Using This Wearable

It has long been announced that the Pokémon Go Plus will act as a peripheral to the hit mobile game that is Pokémon Go. With it, users won’t have to constantly look at their phones to catch Pokémon. Aside from that, there are other built-in features that go along with it such as the ability to spin Pokéstops for items, and it does have some fitness tracking features such as letting you know how much steps you’ve already taken.

Pokémon Go Plus Review - Catch 'Em All Using This Wearable

Pokémon Go Plus Lets You Catch Pokémon With a Push of a Button

The Pokémon Go Plus is here and avid fans of the mega-hit of the mobile game from Niantic Labs and The Pokémon Company are sure to be enthralled by its release. It is a wearable device and you get to wear it like a wristband. Aside from that, you can take of the “face” of the device and pin it to your pocket, purse, lapel, or sleeve. It will easily pair to your preferred iOS or Android device with the use of a Bluetooth Low Energy connection, and it will connect seamlessly with the Pokémon Go mobile application.

What this wearable device does is it lets you have better reign at controlling the game’s features without having to constantly look down on your phone. All you have to do is to have the Pokémon Go Plus wearable worn an you can walk around town just as you would do while playing the game. However, instead of looking down on your phone, all you have to do is press the button on the band when it lights up. Different colors correspond to what is nearby.

For example, when the light will light up with a green color, pressing on it will automatically let the game throw a Pokéball at the nearest Pokémon. Well, this only works on the Pokémon that you’ve already caught. If you haven’t caught the nearby detected Pokémon yet. For those Pokémon, you will have to pull out your phone. There are also nice, strong, and distinct vibration patterns if the Pokémon was caught or if it broke out and even fled.

Pressing the button on the Pokémon Go Plus when it lights up with blue will let you spin nearby Pokéstops. For those who are not in the know, these stops will allow you to collect the items necessary to catch Pokémon and battle in-game gyms. While it is a boon for many Pokémon Go fans, sadly the wearable device does not have a rechargeable battery. However, Nintendo promises that the included CR2032 battery cell will last approximately 100-days before you have to replace it.


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