Pokémon Sun and Moon Differences – The difference is Night and Day

As Gamefreak’s latest Nintendo console Pokémon  game release is just around the corner, it’s time once again to differentiate the two upcoming versions of the latest generation Pokémon  game; Pokémon  Sun and Moon. Ever since the first game in the franchise came out, all titles were split between versions as it includes Pokémon that’s exclusive to a version as well as the main legendary Pokémon  for the title. Pokémon ’s biggest feature aside from the awesome adventure rpg at it is, is the ability to trade and socialize with real people and having select exclusive Pokémon  from each version will prompt the use of trading in order for you to complete your Pokedex.

Pokémon Sun and Moon Differences – The difference is Night and Day

Pokémon  Sun and Moon is Split by a 12-Hour Time Difference

There was no pun in the title of the article; Pokémon  Sun and Moon’s most prominent difference is the offset system time of 12 hours for Moon, meaning if you’re currently playing at 10 in the morning, the game clock is offset by 12 hours from the system clock making you play mostly at a night setting for Moon and to some it’s a nice change of pace from the regular gameplay style of past games. Sun has the regular time as the system time because Sun has a daytime thanks to its exclusive legendary Pokémon  Solgaleo; talking about legendaries, another main difference is the exclusive legendaries for each title, Sun has the Sun-themed Psychic and Steel legendary: Solgaleo while Moon features the Psychic and Ghost legendary: Lunala.

Along with exclusive legendaries are the exclusive rare Pokémon  for each title, each title has around 20 exclusive Pokémon  that won’t be found in the wild in-game and will force you to do some trading with friends. In the end when choosing between Sun or Moon, the non-competitive players are going to look at which versions has more cool-looking Pokémon  than the other; including the legendaries. Along with the differences for each title come new additions to the series, first up: no more gym battles; gym battles are replace with island challenges that bring new life to the rather aging gym system that previous games had, it’s a radical departure from the way other games were played. Speaking of radical departures, the grid system is now gone, you can now freely roam in any direction giving the game a really fresh feel because the locales are not laid out in a grid-based fashion anymore making it feel like a whole new game despite using the same engine from X and Y with a few additions.

Pokémon  Sun and Moon came out in November 18, 2016, and with the release come lots of new features and feels more polished than ever, with the surge and resurgence of players from Pokémon  Go, it’s sure to make the latest title another hit.


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